If you want to listen to music on an iPod, you have to fill the device with music. You either rip the music from a CD that you purchased, or you purchase music online and move it to the device. Either way you have to pay for the music player, pay for the music, and make sure that the music is properly loaded on the device. That can add up to a big cost and a lot of effort.

The Myine Electronics Company thinks they have a better way. Why not automatically record music from the radio, cut out the commercials, let you choose the songs you want to keep, and automatically transfer them to a digital music player? That’s what the Abbee commercial-free music system is all about. It is such a unique idea that we were excited about taking a look at the Abbee.

As shown in Figure 1, the Abbee comes in a good-sized box.

Abbee Commercial-Free FM Radio ReviewFigure 1: The Abbee in its box

The contents of the box are shown in Figures 2 and 3. Figure 2 shows the portable player called “Music Lock,” a pair of earbuds with hard ear plugs, an AUX connect cable, a lanyard for the Music Lock, the power cable, and an external FM antenna. Figure 3 shows included User Guide, Quick Start Guide, and some additional documentation.

Abbee Commercial-Free FM Radio ReviewFigure 2: The cables and accessories

Abbee Commercial-Free FM Radio ReviewFigure 3: The Abbee documentation

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