When AMD announced new CPUs with integrated video using the new AM4 socket, we were excited. We were hoping for a combination of the good performance of Zen cores (used by Ryzen CPUs) and a high-performance iGPU, which creates a great cost/performance ratio for budget gaming computers.

However, for some reason, AMD chose to launch new APUs using the old Excavator architecture. Because of this, the A8-9600 is a processor that is slower, not only than Intel’s competitors┬ábut also the newer processors from AMD itself. If we compare the performance of the A8-9600 to the Pentium G4600’s, we see it’s a lot slower; if we compare it to the Ryzen 3 1200 (which also brings four cores), it’s clear how much faster Zen architecture is compared to Excavator.

Even the reasonable performance of its iGPU, higher than current Intel processors’, does not bring practical advantages because of the low CPU performance. For example, on the CS: GO game benchmark using the iGPU, which could be a good scenario (older games) for such a CPU, the A8-9600 was not faster than the Pentium G4600.

So, the A8-9600 is a viable option only for low-cost computers where there is no need for performance, like office PCs.