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A8-5600K vs. Pentium G2120 CPU Review



With VirtualDub, we converted a full-length DVD movie to DivX format and saw how long it took for this conversion to be completed. DivX codec is capable of recognizing and using not only more than one CPU (i.e., more than one core) but also the SSE4 instruction set.

The movie we chose to convert was “Star Trek – The Motion Picture: Director’s Cut.” We copied the movie to our hard disk drive with no compression, so the final original file on our HDD was 6.79 GB. After compressing it with DivX, the final file was only 767.40 MB, which is quite remarkable.  

The results below are given in seconds, so the lower the better.

AMD A8-5600K APU

On DivX encoding, the A8-5600K achieved the same performance level as the other APUs from AMD that we included in this review. It was 16% faster than the Core i3-2100 and 17% faster than the Pentium G2120.