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A8-3870K vs. Core i3-2105 CPU Review



AMD released recently its highest-end CPU with integrated video, the A8-3870K “Black Edition,” which comes with its clock multiplier unlocked, giving you an extra overclocking option. In this review, we will compare it to the A8-3850 and to its main competitors from Intel: the Core i3-2105 and Core i3-2100.

It is interesting to see AMD starting to use the same letter as Intel to indicate its CPUs with an unlocked clock multiplier.

AMD calls their CPUs with integrated video controller “APUs” (Accelerated Processing Units). In our articles and reviews, we will still be calling these products “CPUs.” For a more detailed overview of the A8 series from AMD, please read our “A8-3850 vs. Core i3-2100 CPU Review.”

A8-3870K vs. Core i3-2105Figure 1: The A8-3870K and the Core i3-2105

A8-3870K vs. Core i3-2105Figure 2: The A8-3870K and the Core i3-2105