It is clear to us that 3R System tried to make a mid-tower case with lots of features as cheap as possible. In order to achieve that, the company decided to use inferior plastic parts. During our review, three parts broke (the two parts that hold the upper hard drive cage in place and the lid for the external docking bay). The manufacturer sent us a new sample from the second production batch. These problems were solved, and we are now giving this product our “Bronze Award” for its terrific set of features.

Strong Points

  • Air filters for the front, bottom, and power supply fans
  • Vented 5.25” bay covers
  • Vented slot covers
  • Three three-speed fan controllers
  • Support for 10 3.5”/2.5” storage devices
  • Support for 11 fans, comes with six
  • Unique suspension mechanisms in six of the eight internal 3.5”/2.5” bays
  • Holding mechanism for main video card
  • Expansion cards are fastened using thumbscrews
  • A huge hole in the motherboard tray for accessing the backplate of the CPU cooler
  • Holes for routing cables behind the motherboard tray
  • Metallic clips for fastening cables using cable ties
  • Cable organizers behind the motherboard tray

Weak Points

  • Cheap plastic parts
  • Parts broke during our review (problem solved in the second production batch)
  • No tool-less installation mechanisms for storage devices
  • USB 3.0 ports don’t use an internal connector
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