Inside the 3R System T100 Valkyrie (Cont’d)

The reviewed case comes with a unique retention mechanism for long video cards, which is attached to a sliding support available on the motherboard tray. However, you can use this mechanism for securing only one video card.

3R System T100 Valkyrie caseFigure 17: Retention mechanism for the main video card

3R System T100 Valkyrie caseFigure 18: Retention mechanism installed

The 3R System T100 Valkyrie allows the installation of two 120 mm internal fans on the side of the hard drive cages. See Figure 19.

3R System T100 Valkyrie CaseFigure 19: Place for installing two 120 mm fans

The power supply is installed at the bottom of the case, and it can be installed with either its bottom fan facing up or facing down, so you can decide if you want the fan of your power supply pulling air from inside the case or from outside of it.

The case comes with a 120 mm fan installed on its bottom panel, which also glows blue when turned on. This fan is connected to the same speed controller as the rear fan. As already shown, there is an air filter for this fan, accessible from outside the case.

Because of this fan, the case only supports power supplies up to 6.7” (170 mm) deep. If you want to install deeper power supplies, you will need to remove the bottom fan.

3R System T100 Valkyrie caseFigure 20: Power supply compartment

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