Looking for a 128 GB solid state drive (SSD) for your computer? Today we are going to compare the performance of seven different models from Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, Intel, Mushkin, Patriot and Western Digital. Which one you should buy? Check it out.

Before going on, we’d highly suggest you to read our Anatomy of SSD Units tutorial, which provides all background information you should know about SSDs. All units included in this round-up are based on MLC memory chips.

In the table below we compare the units we are going to review. All units use the 2.5" form factor and SATA-300 interface. The unit from Kingston is available in three versions: “desktop bundle,” “notebook bundle” and “stand-alone.” We received the “desktop bundle” model, which comes with an adapter to allow you to install the unit on a 3.5” hard disk drive bay, a peripheral-to-SATA power adapter and a SATA cable. The unit from Patriot (Torqx) also comes with a 3.5”-to-2.5” adapter.

Intel X25-M is an oddball with its 160 GB capacity instead of 128 GB. This "strange" number happens because the controller chip used on this particular SSD divides memory in 10 channels, each channel having 16 GB (thus 10 x 16 GB = 160 GB). We decided to include this unit in our review because we think this model fits better with a 128 GB round-up than with a 64 GB or 256 GB round-up.

Manufacturer Model Model # Capacity Price
Corsair Nova Series CSSD-V128GB2-BRKT 128 GB USD 369
Crucial CT128M225 CT128M225 128 GB USD 307
Intel X-25M SSDSA2MH160G1C 160 GB USD 500
Kingston SSDNow V Series SNV425-S2BD/128GB 128 GB USD 279
Mushkin Io MKNSSDIO128GB 128 GB USD 379
Patriot Torqx PFZ128GS25SSDR 128 GB USD 389
Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue SSC-D0128SC-2100 128 GB USD 400

Prices were researched at on the day we published this review, with the following observations:

  • Crucial CT128M225 was out-of-stock. Its official list price at is USD 352 while the manufacturer suggested price is USD 400. We don’t know if will keep the huge discount when they restock this unit.
  • offers a USD 25 mail-in rebate for Patriot Torqx, making this unit to cost USD 364 if you don’t forget to fill out the rebate card and ship it back.
  • The price for the Kingston unit is for the “desktop budle” product, which comes with adapter for you to install it on a 3.5” hard disk drive bay. The stand-alone model (SNV425-S2/128GB) is sold by USD 260.

In the table below we provide a more in-depth technical overview of the reviewed units. For some reason most chip manufacturers don’t put on their websites specific information of these chips, so we are linking only what we found.

Model Controller Buffer Memory
Corsair Nova Series Indilinx IDX110M00 64 MB (Elpida S51321DBH-6DTS-F) Intel 29F64G08CAMDB
Crucial CT128M225 Indilinx IDX110M00 64 MB (Elpida S51321DBH-6DTS-F) Samsung K9HCG08U1M
Intel X-25M Intel PC29AS21AA0 16 MB (Samsung K4S281632K-UC60) Intel 29F64G08FAMCI
Kingston SSDNow V Series Toshiba TC58NCF618GBT 64 MB (Winbond W9751G61B-3) Samsung K9HCG08U1M
Mushkin Io Indilinx IDX110M00 64 MB (Hynix H55S5122DFR) Samsung K9HCG08U5M
Patriot Torqx Indilinx IDX110M00 64 MB (Elpida S51321DBH-5ATS-F) Samsung K9HCG08U1M
Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue Western Digital VAIL 1.07 (JMicron JMF612) 64 MB (ESMT M14D5121632A) Samsung K9HCG08U1M

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